Sunbeams Music For Life® Projects

What is Music for Life?

Music for Life is the Sunbeams model of the therapeutic use of Community Music that underpins all our work. Read Annie’s Music for Life for more information. Music for Life sessions help disadvantaged and disabled individuals improve their quality of life and self-esteem through the creative freedom of music. Music for Life sessions are for anyone with any form of disability.

What happens in a session?

Sunbeams uses music to promote interaction between individuals and encourages a feeling of group belonging. Social skills are enhanced as individuals learn how to communicate and express together. The powerful effect of music is used to reaffirm identity, raise self-esteem, and give individuals a voice, sometimes literally. The Music programmes can reach people even when all other strategies have failed, opening up new channels of communication and self-expression for even the most severely disabled.

Where are the sessions?

Sunbeams musicians attend various community venues right across Cumbria, including Adult Day Centres, Out-of-school clubs and care homes. Contact Liesl our Project Manager for more information on venues in your area.

What will I get from it?

Benefits of participation in Music for Life®

  • Improved communication, self-expression, self-acceptance, motivation and self-esteem, reaffirmation of identity and improved feelings of well-being
  • Positive behavioural changes in children with profound multiple needs and severe learning disabilities
  • Better quality of life through music making with others
  • Changes in the perception of marginalised disabled persons in the wider community