Sunbeams Family Learning Music Project


What is Family Learning?

Our Family Learning Project is what we call the sessions we run specifically for families who have children with complex medical needs, and importantly, their carers and family members (parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents – everyone!)

Who are sessions for?

Sessions are open to children with profound and complex needs, and/or learning disabilities and their families. Sessions are mixed and all inclusive. Please contact us if you are unsure if the sessions are suitable for you and your family.

What happens in a session?

Based on the Sunbeams Music For Life® programme, workshops are run by specialist Sunbeams Community Musicians who incorporate dance, movement and music, especially singing, accompanied by sign language and embedded with word activities.

A range of instrumentalists keep the music varied and engaging, and sessions are fun and exciting.

Where are the sessions?

We have venues in Carlisle, Barrow and Kendal

What will I get from it?

Many children with profound disabilities face serious communication problems so, as well as enabling families to learn and improve their skills together, the project helps family members interact more positively, improve their confidence and strengthen their relationships.

The children and families who attend demonstrate:

  • Increased awareness and alertness to outside stimuli
  • Improved physical development through movement type activities
  • Improved physical co-ordination
  • Improved self-creativity with growth of self-confidence
  • Development of individual musicality
  • Improvement of social inclusion and integration with loss of fear
  • Interaction with other families on an ‘equal footing’
  • Encouragement of singing and therefore access to a new form of self-creativity and expression of communication

What do people say about the sessions?

“I have learnt so much about my daughter’s ability – not her disability. It is amazing to see her grow in these sessions, despite her complex physical and learning difficulties. As a family we have already gained enormous benefits from the interactions during the Sunbeams Music workshops.”

“…all barriers are broken down as we sing and dance! Great opportunity to network and find things out from other parents/carers…there are so few activities for special needs children and their siblings. It’s very inclusive.”