How you can help Sunbeams

If you would like to contribute to the work of Sunbeams there are several ways you can help us. You can make a donation, organise a fundraising event, or include Sunbeams in your will.

1. Make a donation

We receive no statutory funding and greatly appreciate any donations to help continue to deliver our projects to over 18,000 disadvantaged and disabled people every year – in hospices, day centres, hospitals, and care homes across the North West of England. Your money will help us to do more of what we are doing and also to set up new projects.

There are a number of different ways you can donate money to Sunbeams. These are described below.

Donate Online:

Give online with Sunbeams Just Giving, Paypal or by using a CAF charity card. By clicking on one of the links below you will be taken to a secure site.

Sunbeams Just Giving:             



Donate by Post:

Send a cheque made out to Sunbeams Music Trust . If sending a cheque from overseas please send a bankers draft on a UK drawing bank.

Can you Gift Aid your donation? UK taxpayers can make their gift go further, for every pound that you give we can reclaim 25p in tax from the government – we get £1.25 for every £1. This will make your donation even more valuable to us.

Download your Gift Aid Form here (Please post to the address below).

Please send your donation to: Sunbeams Music Trust
Sunbeams Music Centre
Stoller House
CA11 0DT


Donate through regular giving:

Call Annie or John (Finance Officer) on 017688 92909 or Email us to find out more about making a regular donation by direct debit to Sunbeams Music Trust and help contribute towards sustaining and expanding our services for vulnerable children and adults.

Donate Goods or Services: If you have any goods you feel may be of use to us in our project work, for example percussion, string or wind instruments, then please send an email. You may like to donate towards the Community Music Therapy we deliver at our Sunbeams Music Centre which provides a sustainable legacy for beneficiaries with disabilities and enables us to extend nationally and reach more people in need.


2. Fundraise for us

You can help!

Whether you are a private individual, a school, a club or an association, you can help to improve the lives of thousands of people with special needs by raising money for us. If you would like some suggestions on how you can help, please contact us; but feel free to use your imagination.

If you specifically say that you are raising money for Sunbeams, contact us and we will send you a letter of approval and offer any advice we can.

Please either write to Annie Mawson at the Sunbeams address (see above),
or e-mail her on:


3. Make a Will/Leave a Legacy

There are three main ways that you can benefit Sunbeams with a legacy in your will.

1. Residuary Bequest

This means you leave the whole or a percentage of your estate to Sunbeams. This is the most valuable way of making a bequest because it is not eroded by inflation. (i.e. a specific sum may have significantly less value in 30 years time).

2. Pecuniary Bequest

This is a fixed sum of money which can be index linked to preserve its value.

3. Specific Bequest

Here, you leave a specific item to Sunbeams – e.g. your house, your Rolls Royce etc!

How to Make a Will

Making a will is a simple and low cost process (it can cost as little as £50).

You can contact a local solicitor, a will writing service (see your yellow pages) or use an online service. (you can make a will without an expert – it just takes you and a witness who will not benefit from your will. However, we recommend using an expert service to prevent your will being declared void.)

The internet link below offers considerable advice on will making and offers online will making services (we are not in any way linked to them and cannot guarantee their services).

When including Sunbeams in your will it is important to ensure that the correct details are entered to avoid confusion – or another charity receiving your bequest.

The full name of Sunbeams is
“Annie Mawson’s Sunbeams Music Trust”
And the charity number is;

In the event of the charity changing its legal format and later registering with a new charity number it can be useful to ask your solicitor to find some appropriate wording.

If you include Sunbeams in your will, please write to us and let us know and, if possible, let us know who the executor will be.

Many thanks in advance.

We greatly appreciate any help you can give.
Thank you for helping to make a difference.