Ten Thousand Daffodils has culminated in the much anticipated display of individually handmade flowers fluttering and dancing in the gardens of Lowther Castle. Dotted amongst these iridescent flowers are ten magnificent blooms created by Helen, our tireless potter. Each large bloom has been individually designed by creative individuals who have brought their artistic inspiration to a project which we hope has brought joy and hope to all who have seen and those who will benefit from the generosity from every individual who makes a charitable donation by buying a daffodil.

Ten Thousand Daffodils is a charity fundraising project and the brainchild of locally based potter, Helen Ratcliffe. The aim of the project is to raise money for six amazing charities while creating a beautiful art installation in its own right.

You can visit this stunning art installation set in the gardens of Lowther Castle. Ten Thousand hand-made ceramic daffodils nod gently in the Lowther breezes, pathways carved between them so visitors can enjoy them up close.