Rory Stewart MP

Annie Mawson, Rory Stewart MP and Liesl McViety
Annie Mawson, Rory Stewart MP and Liesl McViety

A morning with Rory….

Sometimes life teaches you to expect little and be pleased with even less: however this was not the case on meeting Rory Stewart MP.

It was a delight to be in the company of someone who is both articulate and perceptive.
One is left with the impression that things
will happen around Rory – he is not a person who threatens to help.

We were all enchanted that he was honoured to become a Patron of Sunbeams Music Trust and feel sure that this heralds a new future for Sunbeams and our planned Music Centre. 

Michael Lawson-Johnson


Sunbeams Patron Rory Stewart MP celebrates the role of
Penrith and the Border’s Trustees:

‘Rory has celebrated Trustees’ Week 2013 by thanking charity Trustees in Penrith and the Border for their dedicated work in supporting local charities, and highlighting the benefits of becoming a charity Trustee. He met, on Friday, with Trustees of local charity Annie Mawson’s Sunbeams Music Trust, of which Rory is a Patron, and visited the site of the proposed National Sunbeams Music Centre, for which Sunbeams has already raised an incredible £1.4m pounds!’

To read more about it on Rory Stewart's web site click here

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