Musical Patrons

Philip Glass
(The world famous American composer and musician)

Justin Pearson
(The internationally celebrated cellist)

Why Annie met Philip Glass. Click here

Justin Pearson, the internationally celebrated cellist, has been welcomed as a musical patron and a roving ambassador. Justin is the artisitic director of the National Symphony Orchestra, Director of the Locrian Ensemble, Guest Principal of the Royal Philharmonic and also accompanies famous popular musicians including Oasis and Madonna. He was also Pavarotti's chosen cellist. He is the Examiner of Community Music at the University of Cork, where he quoted Sunbeams as a model of excellence.

Our Supportive Patrons

Hal and Susan Bagot

Lord Melvyn Bragg

Lady  Eileen Carey

Sir James and Lady Cropper

The Rt. Rev. Richard Garrard

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Laurie and Vicki Green

Neville Howard

Julia Linette

    Mrs Jay Maclean

Lara Rostron



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