Sunbeams Music Centre UPDATE
“How long is it actually going to take you to get all the funding for your centre?”

This is a question that has been asked on a number of occasions and requires a public answer.

To be precise and to avoid a lengthy tale: in January of this year we were promised £2million by the NWDA (North West Development Agency). As you can imagine there were lots of hoops to clamber through and we applied ourselves to the task. However it transpired that the money is not now available and as you probably know, the NWDA is being wound down.

This disappointment helps to explain where the last six months evaporated with meeting after meeting, presentations, slideshows, more meetings, strategic planning, did I say meetings?

We are now redoubling our efforts to raise the £1.5 million pounds still needed for our Sunbeams Centre. A new glimmer of light can be seen even in these days of austerity as we complete application after application to try and make up for all the lost time and dashed hopes.


  • Our Buy-A-Brick campaign has raised a wonderful £100,146. We will be writing a donor’s book for the Centre - too many bricks have been bought on which to imprint peoples’ names!
  • We now have 507 donors who give regularly on Gift-Aid. (Do contact the office if you would like to join them)
  • We need to arrange more fund-raising events – please contact us with ideas and kind offers of help
  • We are always hopeful that a philanthropist will one day walk through our door………
  • We made the mistake of believing that the promise of £2million would materialize. Hence our mistake was to stop pushing the campaign – partly because we didn’t feel it was ethical to accept lovely people’s hard earned £5-£25 when we had this promise.

Click here for our Donate a Brick Appeal


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