Three Men in a Boat

They said it couldn't be done!

Three Men in a Boat

The Bishop the Judge and the

Speaking as the Pirate, I would like it known that after 24 hours of sailing with a Bishop and a Judge, I am not only thoroughly spiritualised but also morally reprogrammed. As you can imagine, this puts the humble Pirate in somewhat of a dilemma. Is this the end of a promising career? NO is the answer to that because by the efforts of the intrepid three, we have raised over £3,000.
When I say we, I mean all of those who so generously enlisted their hard earned money in what must be one of the most cockamamie schemes to appear on a charity appeal.

We have already been asked if we would consider doing it again next year, well would we?

Through all the hardships, the lack of sleep, the rain, lack of wind and the noticeable lack of rum, we all thought it would make a good annual event. But we would like your feedback.

Thank you all for turning our purgatory into much needed funds for Sunbeams,

Thank you.

Michael Lawson - Johnson.

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