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Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell, percussion.

Ever since these young percussionists started their studies at the Royal College of Music on scholarship they were destined to make a large impression on the musical world, such is their energy, enthusiasm and dedication.

The early fruits of their partnership became evident when they appeared on the televised finals of the BBC Young Musician of the Year, and later attracted capacity audiences and excellent reviews for their first duo show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

O Duo have performed concertos on many occasions, playing at the Norwich and Maidstone festivals, at St Martin-in-the-Fields, and on tour to Cyprus and Eire. They also work on workshop projects with London Musici and the Philharmonia Orchestra. They are involved at the heart of the outreach programme of the National Symphony Orchestra’s residency in the London Borough of Lewisham in the coming year.

Oliver Cox and Owen Gunnell - O Duo

O Duo at St Andrews - part of

O Duo at St Andrews - part of
Sunbeams Festival 2003

Owen and Oliver are invariably hugely popular with their audiences, both young and old, as they can communicate with immediacy and brilliance also introducing their musical material with humour. They have started commissioning their own repertoire – to date, concertos and concert pieces by Brian Wiltshire, Ken Johnson and Allan Hoddinott.

They won the Tap Water Award at the Edinburgh Festival. You have probably heard of the Perrier Awards for comedy. Well, some enlightened promoters came up with the bright idea of a Tap Water Award, which is a relatively new award for top acts at the festival. Olly and Owen won the award for their fringe show, Bongo Fury. They were also chosen as Pick of the Fringe for the second year running.

Sunbeams Music Trust were privileged to work with O Duo as part of the Sunbeams Festivals in October 2003 and in May 2004 - a forerunner to them continuing outreach work in venues throughout Cumbria in 2006.

They have just completed a tour in which they were joined by Chris and Sam to form the Batterie Percussion Quartet. They stunned all the teachers and children who had the privilege of hearing them. As one head teacher said,"Such concerts are a rare opportunity for most children to see and hear top-class musicians playing close at hand. As such, they are a valuable experience for the children involved."


The things these two do for Sunbeams!


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