Concerts - The Locrian Ensemble

Led by our musical patron, Justin Pearson, the Locrian Ensemble perform throughout Cumbria, giving concerts in venues such as Tirril Village Hall. They have also performed in fundraising concerts in prestigious venues such as Greystoke Castle.
The Locrian Ensemble led by Justin Pearson


Annie Mawson of Sunbeams Music Trust said; 'We are indeed fortunate to have, as one of our Musical Patrons, the world-renowned Cellist, Justin Pearson. He is putting Penrith on an equal footing with venues such as Hollywood and Sydney by bringing us Britain's busiest chamber music group.'

Justin is a man of many talents, who wears many hats, or should we say, wigs! He is one of London's busiest and most versatile musicians. As well as Artistic Director of the Locrian Ensemble, he is Principal Cellist of the National Symphony Orchestra, and guest Principal of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Sinfonia Orchestra. He has played chamber music at Downing Street, performed by invitation for the Queen at the Commonwealth Institute and for the Prince and the late Princess of Wales at Hampton Court. Justin has appeared, often as a solo cellist, on albums with artists as diverse as Jose Carreras, Westlife, Pavarotti, Madonna, The Spice Girls, Oasis, Tina Turner, James Galway, Shirley Bassey, U2, and our own Annie and Rachel Mawson in "The Nightingales". He has recorded music for films as famous as "Harry Potter", "The Lord of the Rings", "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" and "The Full Monty," as well as many television programmes such as the highly successful BBC series, "Judge John Deed". He has just completed the music for the Oscar Wilde Animation films in Ireland, and worked with Stephen Fry on his first film as Director; "Bright Young Things".

"The Locrians have a formidable international reputation" London Evening Standard.

"The Locrians were spirited and sensitive; ensemble and balance were precise; the result was utter pleasure" The Daily Telegraph.

"A passionate display of virtuosity; time stood still for us" Sunday Times.

For more information about the Locrian Ensemble, please visit their website.



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